A year of doing things differently…

Thats it! 

me with crimped hairA whole year of doing things differently.

Its been a while since I last posted – so much to do. In the last couple of weeks I’ve spent one afternoon travelling 275 miles & 6 hours in a taxi through snow, sleet, rain & traffic to make my son’s awards evening, had three mini glasses of different ales rather than a pint, rewarded myself with a book for the train and read it cover to cover on the way home, created a plan, a fallback plan & a fallback, fallback plan, stood up each time I want a sip of wine for an evening (new sofa), stole a mini vodka in First Class on train (I didn’t want a drink but didn’t want to miss out! In the bag it went…), drove rather than train-ed – 4 hours rather than 5, drank 6 different cups of tea.

a pile of wrapped presentsI’ve embraced a doing something different Christmas – taking a slower & more measured approach to decorating the house (spreading the work, the joy and the sherry), done Christmas wrapping at 5.30am, played after eight game in a warm room and ended up with melted chocolate running down my face, bought hair crimpers and a tiara, then crimped my hair,  actually drank the dessert wine with dessert, opened a mystery box (basically, a box with ‘mystery box’ on the side containing surprises including a glow in the dark toilet roll), made fake plaits, roasted celariac and cooked lamb shanks, had my feet given attention by a proper podiatrist, dressed as a viking before, bought a light and made them dismantle the Xmas display to get it for me, did the same filming outside and inside in case it worked better and put the spare set of festive lights inside my wardrobe.

fairy lights in my wardrobeI’ve also given in to feeling knackered and one night had a 30 minute cry (as I said at the time, it was 50% exhaustion, 30% merlot and 20% self pity). And one night I also took ten minutes to sit outside in the dark – cold, clear and beautiful. A much better way of recovering my sense of self in this busy time.

Across the whole year I have only missed one day – Boxing Day – when things were gloriously traditional with wonderful food, company, games and laughter. I didn’t want to change a thing – so didn’t!

What next?

There are still ‘big’ things I want to do – get a tattoo, have a simulated sky dive experience, camp when its snowing…. But one thing I learnt this year is that it’s so not all about the big things.

But I can’t just keep doing something different in the same way – that wouldn’t be different, would it? But equally, I can’t just stop something that has become more of a way of life than I ever expected, enabling me to think more deeply and clearly about what I like doing, what habits I have, how I behave and how I can keep challenging myself.

There won’t be daily posts this year. But difference will still be occurring. And I will keep reporting on the impact it has. As they say, watch this space.

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