Bumper post of two weeks of Doing Things Differently

Whole load of food based ones in this bumper two week bundle of #DoDiffDaily’s, from Hong Kong and the UK.

octopus on a frill with a sign saying $15 - very cheap in Hong Konggolden balls bubbling in a brown oila box of sesame crackers, one open on top.

Firstly – octopus on a stick, fish balls and sesame cubic pastry. The latter is not only exactly what it says it is, its extremely tasty too! I also had a hot pot supper – where you have a bowl o bubbling stock in front of you and you cook your own food in it. Very delicious and highly amusing too when your chopstick skills let you down and you drop stuff into the soup. Continue reading

Growing up – do I have to?

a shot on a train of a man balancing toy soldiers on top of a toy panda.I really do have to stop playing about on trains. This week began with a competitive ‘balancing act’ between me and some boy’s Dad. The boy sitting next to me had some toy soldiers and a panda and was playing with them and got bored. His Dad started balancing them, seeing if he could get all three soldiers on the panda’s back. I started giggling and ended up involved. Simple and easy, and great to make a real human connection too. It amazes me that we sit so close to people whilst travelling, often for hours, and yet rarely introduce ourselves or even make eye contact. We are a strange species. (Oh and I won. Three soldiers). Continue reading

How to put your feet up in First Class and other tales

a young woman with her legs folded up on her table on a train. very yoga.A busy week last week – and lots more trains, therefore two more travel related #DoDiffDaily’s.

The first was seating related. I’d ended up in First Class (cheapest tickets when I booked, oh I do like it when that happens), and I was sitting there when I noticed this woman behind me with her legs up.

It made me giggle so I surreptitiously took a pic, and then copied her, sitting like that until the end of the journey. It was surprisingly comfortable. Continue reading

Generation Games – and what to do when you find out your mother voted for UKIP

A photo of my two youngest kids looking boreda screen with a black and white image of Muffin the Mule on it

This weekend I took the kids to see Muffin the Mule. As you can see they were transfixed. Not.

They were more impressed by Thunderbirds, and they quite liked the Magic Roundabout too. Basically the idea was to go to the fabulous Media Museum in Bradford with my mum and show them the kind of programmes she watched as a child. Anyone spot the fatal flaw in my plan? My mum did.

When my mum was a child there was no television. Continue reading

Mainly a week of being clear about what I wanted

a photo of me in my lounge but you can see three of me - I'm laying on the sofa reading, sitting on the sofa working on the computer and sitting on a chair meditatingA bit of a breakthrough this week – I had a meeting I didn’t want with a person I find a bit of a bully. I usually sit there and take it, even if I don’t agree with it all simply to get out of there faster, but this time I decided no. There were some very basic, practical things that were indicative of the way in which he treats people that I decided to pick up on. Oddly I don’t think many people have before. Continue reading

Having a bath with the lights off and other things I won’t do again

a post on another site talking about how amazing having baths in the dark isThis week I found some #DoDiffDaily’s I didn’t like. Top of the list was having a bath with the lights off. Now I had read about this during some random internet surfing (even that phrase has a lot to answer for). It was described as ‘magical’, ‘transformative’ – ‘the ultimate in relaxation’. I’ll have a bit of that I thought and went up ready to strip off… then came straight back downstairs once I’d realised it was still light and our blinds are no where near effective enough to shut out even the weak autumn sun. Continue reading

Did you know there were 410 calories in a Greggs chicken bake?

two greggs chicken bakesLast week was back to work as usual – with trips to both Brighton and Glasgow in the same week. I can see I am going to have to come up with many more train based #DoDiffDaily’s as that seems to be where I’m spending most of my time.

I started the week with a ‘fast’ day – yup, I’ve joined the thinning hoards on the 5:2 diet where 2 days a week you make a supreme effort to really limit your calories to 500, and the rest of the time you eat what you want. Given there are 410 calories in a Greggs chicken bake, you can imagine how little it is you have to eat (a standard rice cake is only 31 though, so you can almost have a whole packet. I know. I have). Continue reading

Busy, bitty little week

stormy skies over the moorsStrange week last week – very bitty, very busy, very stormy. Felt like one of those circus performers balancing plates on sticks whilst battling torrential rain and wearing a bikini.

First #DoDiffDaily was giving myself a break – not something I do often, probably not often enough. I just ran out of time on Monday to complete the blog so decided that Tuesday would be fine. Oddly, I did the same this week too – maybe Mondays and me need a bit of a rethink? Continue reading