How to put your feet up in First Class and other tales

a young woman with her legs folded up on her table on a train. very yoga.A busy week last week – and lots more trains, therefore two more travel related #DoDiffDaily’s.

The first was seating related. I’d ended up in First Class (cheapest tickets when I booked, oh I do like it when that happens), and I was sitting there when I noticed this woman behind me with her legs up.

It made me giggle so I surreptitiously took a pic, and then copied her, sitting like that until the end of the journey. It was surprisingly comfortable.

The second only partially implicates a train. Earlier in the week I worked flat out on a long train journey, including through a change of trains – I read and made notes on a document in the 15 minutes change over. That meant a start at 5.49am, an arrival at 9.40am and I then worked from the start of the day to the end of the day (7.00pm) with no real break. So what was the #DoDiffDaily ? To go to bed at 8.40pm.

my computer screen full of people at the meeting I attended by skypePart of the early night was because I had a busy day coming up too. On that day I attended my very first full meeting by Skype. There were 11 people in a room plus me on a screen. Apparently I was quite pixelated so when I wanted to speak I had to wave my arms violently. Luckily as I was in a hotel room, no one was there to see me do so.

With all this hard work going on, you’ll be glad to know that I am also making time for reflection. This week I also joined an Action Learning Set of my own volition (and not because it was the condition of a course I was on which is how I’ve experienced it before). Great group, great first session and I just know its going to be useful to me. The principal rule of action learning is not to give advice, something I struggle with so, so much. Its great discipline to have to listen, and to help people help themselves rather than wade in with a ‘solution’ (that’s always your solution anyway, and never theirs).

I’m also opening up. Those of you who read my blogs regularly will know I struggle when asking for help. But this week on one day I really had no choice. My phone lead had died so no phone and a full day and then 4 hour train journey through ‘the storm’ beckoned.

It took a bit of nerve but I asked the people I was training for the day if anyone happened to have an iphone charger on them, and luckily one person did. And of course, no one thought lesser of me for simply not having a charged up phone. As I tweeted – ask and you do receive, its true.

the head of a panda - swwweeet!Two more this week – one was taking a walk in the rain. The torrential rain. I’ve walked in the rain before, its true, but never come back, looked in the mirror and seen absolutely perfect panda eyes. I looked like a cartoon!

Would have been funny enough on its own but the fact that I had been walking and talking with guests, who had been polite enough not to mention my mascara cascading down my face, made it even more hysterical!

straining a pot of red liquid through a muslin into a jug - decanting berry whiskey.And finally, this week I decanted my berry whiskey. I usually go for plum gin but due to a pruning issue, the plums weren’t up for it this year. The blackberries in the fields near by were though and so blackberry whiskey it is. Cheers!

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