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A hand beckoning out across a circular swimming pool - image in black and white.There are lots of ways you can become part of this.

Firstly, you can sign up to the blog by clicking the follow button at the bottom right of the site, and sign up to my Twitter feed.

You can do more than follow though – why not get involved? Suggest things for me to do and also get trying stuff yourself (clean stuff only, please – well, you can try anything you like providing its legal, but I don’t need to hear about it!).

Let me know what you think and what its like for you. What’s fun and what’s hard going. What you learn about others and yourself from doing stuff. And you can comment on the blog here, or again, use Twitter with the hashtag #DoDiffDaily

Lets make 2013 a remarkable year by trying new stuff and gaining a new take on the world. All we have to do is to do something different daily!

Thanks to idiotic for the image.

2 thoughts on “Join in

  1. It’s wonderful to have found your blog. It’s lovely and inspiring. I decided just the other day to try something new each day as life was becoming a bit stuck in a rut. Just began this weekend, but so far have:
    Seen Great Gatsby in 3D
    Picked stinging nettles and made them into soup then drank it. A friend swears by this soup but I was always terrified it would sting me. It doesn’t. It was delicious.
    Climbed a hill today with my family and joined in the kids’ adventure trail, balancing on logs and seesaws and swinging from ropes.
    Picked wild garlic on the way home and then made Lancashire hot pot (new recipe) for tea.

    It’s working so far. Feeling less in a rut. I’m now off to read all round your blog and get some ideas.

  2. So pleased it’s inspiring others! Keep on going, it really does make life more fun. x

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