Having a bath with the lights off and other things I won’t do again

a post on another site talking about how amazing having baths in the dark isThis week I found some #DoDiffDaily’s I didn’t like. Top of the list was having a bath with the lights off. Now I had read about this during some random internet surfing (even that phrase has a lot to answer for). It was described as ‘magical’, ‘transformative’ – ‘the ultimate in relaxation’. I’ll have a bit of that I thought and went up ready to strip off… then came straight back downstairs once I’d realised it was still light and our blinds are no where near effective enough to shut out even the weak autumn sun. Continue reading

Did you know there were 410 calories in a Greggs chicken bake?

two greggs chicken bakesLast week was back to work as usual – with trips to both Brighton and Glasgow in the same week. I can see I am going to have to come up with many more train based #DoDiffDaily’s as that seems to be where I’m spending most of my time.

I started the week with a ‘fast’ day – yup, I’ve joined the thinning hoards on the 5:2 diet where 2 days a week you make a supreme effort to really limit your calories to 500, and the rest of the time you eat what you want. Given there are 410 calories in a Greggs chicken bake, you can imagine how little it is you have to eat (a standard rice cake is only 31 though, so you can almost have a whole packet. I know. I have). Continue reading

Busy, bitty little week

stormy skies over the moorsStrange week last week – very bitty, very busy, very stormy. Felt like one of those circus performers balancing plates on sticks whilst battling torrential rain and wearing a bikini.

First #DoDiffDaily was giving myself a break – not something I do often, probably not often enough. I just ran out of time on Monday to complete the blog so decided that Tuesday would be fine. Oddly, I did the same this week too – maybe Mondays and me need a bit of a rethink? Continue reading

On being immersed in the work

luke pell videoing dancer Mary from Croi Glan dance company. She is curled on the floor and he is behind her also at floor level.What a busy week. Maybe not ‘busy’, maybe I mean intense? Basically a week with very little time to think of anything apart from the work I was doing.

I was away immersed in exploring movement with members of Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company at the Firkin Crane, Cork with my collaborator Luke Pell, and so many of my #DoDiffDaily’s were linked to what was going on there. Continue reading

Finally off road (almost)

me driving.It’s the final set of holiday #DoDiffDaily’s and then next week it’s business as usual as I head back to work after an amazing summer.

The first couple of #DoDiffDaily’s are related to the motorhome holiday we were on. It was the first time I have ever used GPS coordinated to find anywhere – they’re very accurate aren’t they? Took us a while to work out how to put them into the sat nav (over a week…) Continue reading

On the road again…

A neon sign saying love differenceThis is a two week post as last Monday I was in transit and not near strong enough Wifi. I’m still in transit, but fingers crossed I can put this up.

So two weeks back I was battling to get all the things done that I had to do before heading off. On the Monday I was caught on a train that stopped for 40 minutes and then announced it had to go backwards to where we’d all got on as the line was blocked. Our only other choice was getting off where we were (middle of nowhere) and fending for ourselves. The #DoDiffDaily was organizing 50 odd people (me and a bloke named Tony) into groups to get buses and cabs. Who needed to go where? How many to a cab? Local cab firms number? etc. The best bit was Tony and I could get away in the first cab. Result. Continue reading

Including the power of two and the tables get turned…

three swans in the water with the shore line behind them visible.Lovely week of teeny, tiny new things.

No mammoth stretches just little decisions in the moment to make life more fun.

On Monday I decided to sit by the lake in Bedford where I had been working hard all day, looking for some rest and relaxation, staring at the water as the sun went down.

Ended up being moved on by swans – clearly it was their turf and they didn’t want me moving in.

Not been hassled by swans before. Continue reading

This week I had plenty of art – and I also had a Travelodge tea…

a parking meterAnother week, and no theme. I was finding it too restrictive and a lot less fun. What’s the point of doing things differently if you can’t enjoy yourself along the way.


  • patching my shorts
  • buying 9 birthday cards in one go
  • talking to street furniture
  • spending time with railway art
  • accepting being banished
  • spending all of the day cleaning
  • and having a ‘travelodge’ tea  Continue reading