Doing it

a close up picture of a pile of multicoloured beads made from fymo modelling clay

When we push ourselves, try something new, challenge our old, staid ways of doing and being, we learn more, gaining valuable new perspectives.

And yet, how many times do we choose to do the same old things, or even the same old things in the same old ways? Lots. So I have set myself a challenge for 2013 – one new thing a day.

Now this could be tiny things – trying a new food, reading a book by a new author or in a genre I wouldn’t usually pick up – or they might be bigger – going to new places, meeting new people, pushing myself to do things I’ve not done before.

It’s about creating a push to do things differently and a space to reflect on the impact of doing so.

I make much of my living focusing on equality, diversity and difference – training, teaching, speaking, consulting. And I’m known for saying, quite a lot, that ‘difference is delicious’ and I think it’s true. This year I get to find out if it is, for real.

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