Who is Jo Verrent?

a head shot of Jo VerrentJo is hard to fit in a box.

She’s a consultant, speaker, writer and trainer focusing on diversity and equality. You can follow her personal blog here.

She was the founder and co-curator for the award winning film project PUSH ME – creating work for the BBC/ Arts Council England platform, The Space, which ran along the Cultural Olympiad and for six years she ran a leadership programme for disabled people in the cultural sector – Sync – with long term collaborator, Sarah Pickthall.

You can email her at joverrent@mac

Or follow her on Twitter @joverrent

One thought on “Who is Jo Verrent?

  1. Dear Jo

    Would you be able to give a talk/workshop at our Festival?

    Wise Wise Words takes place in Canterbury. It is a small thought provoking festival that aims to offer moments of pause and quiet reflection and to inspire a love of literature and stories in people of all ages. We are currently applying to Arts Council England to secure funding for this, our second year and are confident that after last year’s success we have a strong case for further support.
    Wise Words takes place over three days in September (13th, 14th & 15th) and is not a traditional literature festival constrained within the confines of its venues but instead takes place outdoors and in unexpected spaces such as in coffee shops, on the streets, on punts on the river and in teepees within the gardens of the city. In addition to talks and performance, people in Canterbury experience a different city, full of unexpected happenings – where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

    The themes for the festival are the same each year and are open to interpretation by the artists involved. They are:
    Now – which could be interpreted as political, economic, spiritual to name a few
    Earth – ecology, growing things, walks…
    Fabric -society, community, family, Poetry, cloth…
    Ages – the wisdom you are born with vs. that which you accumulate with age; cultures through the ages…
    Talks at our festival take place in a range of venues and most are free to the public. We do however have a couple of larger venues (capacity between 150 – 250) for our Festival Highlight artists and we are hoping to ticket these in order to part pay for the artist’s fee. Our aim for the festival is to encourage people to take action – whether this be to follow an ambition or to do something they believe in – and to develop new audiences for literature. We are therefore keen that all our artists also do a short reading in one of our smaller venues. These talks are to small audiences of between 20 – 40 and are free to the public – offering an amazing and intimate experience that many have said they will treasure forever.

    Talks last approximately an hour but as mentioned above we would love all our participants to stay for as much of the festival as possible and contribute also to one or more of our smaller venue’s programmes. On the Saturday night we offer all artists contributing to this year’s festival a trip on the river on a lantern lit punt, followed by a delicious meal cooked by a local award winning chef. We would be delighted if they could join us for this and we would of course provide accommodation for anyone who wanted to stay overnight.
    Please do let us know what fee you would require.
    Best wishes


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